The Poetry of Emily Isaacson

Prince George Sage


When alone, the mountain valleys

succumb to prism channels

and undecorated, we pine

in solemn verse: this cold earth,

a primeval dome of space,

where suns and oceans meet—and now

to surface rising.


Sure, souls could trade the index

of thy cavernous tide,

for rivers, streams, and hallowed countryside. 


Emily Isaacson


Straw Hat


The lunar eclipse of night,

swathed in winds of West, South and East,

the Orient, a spiced perfume,

and regions, the fetters of skill,

the influence of history, lands, and music—

what light could shade a master’s bed.


The bottles of burgundy wine 

endowed the cook,

and a bronzed pot of leeks,

with arduous hide.  


Emily Isaacson



Beeswax Candles


We stand in arms,

the light to bend us all:

the journey, a stone’s throw,

the world’s end.


We travel to the sun,

and find the wells of glory.

the walls, perchance, askew 

now removed.  


Emily Isaacson