To the poetry of Emily Isaacson. Follow India Passage: a ship to set sail, a journey in poetry through the verse of lands unbeknownst. 


    Tropical Island


The ship sailed for a distant port, 

a cargo of lemon-fruit 

and pomegranate,

the silver-white sails

weathering the sea and the storm,

the sun, a glimmering oasis

in a desert of blue.  


Melody of day and night, 

the monotony of raucous tune;

voyage of fortune and disguise,

the winsome rest.


The modesty of furthest star,

and silken slip of moon;

the gesture of a courteous son, 

planets coursing in their doom ...  


The tides of furthest fairytale

bequeathing ocean’s balm,

and lofty moments chafing wit

while palms bend to

the island song. 


India Passage

India Passage was written by Emily Isaacson in 2006, inspired by Walt Whitman's "Passage To India." Emily Isaacson's riveting collection is free verse pieces, and after 25 years of crafting poetry, her lyrical voice and practiced ear produce a carefree and lilting result: the sea, the journey, the ship all come to  life in this postmodern poetry with romance and spiritual transcendence as destination.

The Emily Isaacson Institute was founded for research and education in literature, the arts, and medicine. Located in Mission, British Columbia, we feature the writing and analog photography of Emily Isaacson, her work and legacy.  A regular visitor of Westminster Abbey here in the mountains,  her writing reflects the solitude and mythology of the Canadian wilderness, the sea, the stars and the First Nations people.